You may be asking, "Who on Earth are these people?" Well, we are four high school students in Ontario who are supposed to research and create a poster on the Temperate Rainforest biome. But posters pose too much of a problem, especially when you can't get together over the weekend to put everything together and your printer only prints in blue, yellow, and black (but not red). So, we made this. And here you are.

With every single successful projects, there are people to thank and warnings to give. The same happens here. We'll try not to get teary, especially since we are not receiving the Golden Globe Awards or anything. (However, we'd love to receive your standing ovations or your just your thanks if we have made your research (or anything, in fact) a little bit better. Just email Caroline at (replace the % with @), who will forward your message to the other group members. Be warned: Because we are all often double-booked or even triple-booked, it may take a while for us to reply to you.)

The Members

The very overworked and tired Web Designer/Webmaster/Researcher/Editor/Writer. While this may seem like she got loaded with a lot of separate jobs, it's actually only two: Researcher and Webmaster. But when one becomes a Webmaster, she gets stuck proofreading others' writing and spending hours writing and rewriting their stuff, not to mention all the missing gaps and little articles here and there. Technically, she did get stuck with a load of work. Sadly, she had to stay up way past midnight to get everything done as well.

Nancy and Sarah
The only two group members who only had one role to play: the Researcher. Even though they did not get as much work as the other two members to do, they did have to put up with the many emails, demands, and worried questions that the other two were constantly bombarding them with. So applaud them for being able to survive five days of highly-strung group members.

Last but not least is the other very overworked and tired Editor/Writer/Researcher. Her situation was much like Caroline's, minus the HTML and CSS coding. She was forced to edit incoming written work that might hvae been snet to her lkie tihs and made it into legible English. After that, she also had to write everything that wasn't written and wade through all the junk results in Google to find The Perfect Image. Oh, and of course, she did her fair share of research too. And had to stay up late to help finish everything.